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47% of younger millennials would watch their favorite TV show on social media if they were available. A new eMarketer research series explores how different demographics are shifting from traditional TV and increasingly engaging with digital video.


  • Facebook is rolling out Watch Party to all Pages and users. Since its initial launch in Groups earlier this year, the communal viewing feature has proven to increase engagement, garnering eight times as many comments as non-live videos.
  • Instagram is testing new profile formats. Aiming to improve the experience for users and brands, the platform is rolling out changes such as a decreased emphasis on follower count and tabs linked to IGTV, shop, and more.
  • YouTube will give users the option to watch two ads upfront to avoid disruptive mid-roll ads. The new "ad pod" format is expected to lead to better user metrics, including higher rates of ad viewing and less abandonment of content.

My Crazy Dream


Nike made its IGTV debut this week, launching the emotionally-charged video series "My Crazy Dream," which features inspirational stories from everyday athletes like Paralympian Sarah Reinersten.


Blog: The First Question Marketers Should Ask Before Making Social Video

Social video can mean anythingfrom reaction GIFs and Boomerangs to recipe videos and live streams. This wide spectrum means that there are very few blanket best practices regarding length, format, or messaging. Before you start planning your next social video, make sure you know the answer to this one very important question.

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