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8 seconds. This is the new attention span of the generation biting at the heels of millennials. Gen Z has developed a sophisticated content filter from growing up in the midst of a massive amount of information, and has shaved a whole 4 seconds off the millennials' 12-second span.


  • TikTok and Reddit are now official NFL partners. This season, in an attempt to combat the "No Fun League" label, players will be hosting "Ask Me Anything" sessions on Reddit. On TikTok, the league will be taking advantage of the platform's hugely popular viral hashtag challenges. 


  • YouTube launched a dedicated Fashion vertical. YouTube attracts millions of views to its style and beauty videos, and this new vertical will help better organize this content for users. It will include style videos, industry collabs, inside looks into the fashion industry, as well as vlogs from fashion icons. This is not the first time YouTube has created a new vertical, as it has seen success with Gaming, Movies & Shows, and Live categories.


  • Facebook and Instagram are testing new shopping features ahead of the holiday season. Facebook will have in-app checkout for a quicker and easier e-comm experience, and Instagram will allow organic shopping posts to be converted into ads via Ads Manager.



DTC women’s razor brand Billie launched Château de Blué, a blue wine with notes of crushed blueberries and a hint of gender bias—it's 13% cheaper than its pink counterpart, rosé. The stunt lampoons the Pink Tax, which is the extra amount women are charged for certain products or services (for no good reason). The wine sold out in eight hours.  


Blog: 20 Tips for Better Brainstorms

After years of creating content for our clients, we’ve learned a thing or twenty about how to run a brainstorm. Whether you’re generating ideas for a client or your own brand, these tips will help you make the most of your team’s time. Put on your raincoat—we are now entering the brainstorm.

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