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August 28, 2019

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Throughout my life, I have made an effort to practice sincere gratitude every day. All 15 of the women I got to speak with during Season 3 of "Work It" inspire me to be bolder, to think bigger, and to lead with love. I'm eternally grateful for the lessons I learned from them—from balancing motherhood and work, to building lasting relationships, to having difficult but necessary conversations—and I'm equally as grateful to each and every one of you who came along with me for the ride. You can watch the season finale of "Work It" on Facebook Watch or IGTV. Until next time!


Reading List

Why living in a state of gratitude is an absolutely vital part of our well-being.

3 simple ways to be a more charismatic leader.

How women are fighting to close the wage gap on Black Women's Equal Pay Day.

Unlike women's conferences of the past, this summit promises to address motherhood head-on, instead of casting it aside or ignoring it altogether.

17 pieces of career advice every mother should teach her daughter.


Quote of the Week


Your head comes up with the plan, but your heart is what inspires action.



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