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July 17, 2019

Lourds Lane


All too often, we get caught up in believing what people tell us about ourselves ("I'm shy," "I'm too aggressive"). But on this week's episode of "Work It," Lourds Lane, founder of the SuperYou FUNdation, teaches us how to rewrite that narrative by connecting with the truth of who we are and tapping into our own unique superpowers. As Lourds says, "You can recreate yourself every single second. There's no one who can define you." Check out our conversation on Facebook Watch or IGTV.


Reading List

Want to be a better leader? Lead with empathy.

Why do so many people feel like they’re never really able to turn work off completely?

Christine Lagarde says women should use the “glass cliff” to their advantage.

How to manage your perfectionism.

Why you need a network of low-stakes, casual friendships.


Quote of the Week

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Unmask your inner superhero.


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