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$129.3 billion. That's how much U.S. advertisers are expected to spend on digital ads in 2019, making this the year that digital will finally surpass traditional advertising.


  • The NHL signed a multi-year deal with Snapchat. In addition to a new weekly highlights show, the sports league is further investing in Snapchat with Our Story coverage of major events, after citing "unusually high" engagement rates on the platform among users under 30.
  • Reddit launched app install ads and updates to its Conversion Pixel. After adding CPC ads, Reddit is continuing to ramp up its ads business, introducing the ability to track eight conversion events and provide more insight into performance.
  • Instagram is testing a Donation Sticker in Stories. Given the success of fundraising tools on Facebook, which have helped raise over $1 billion for various causes, and the popularity of Instagram Stories (500 million daily active users), it’s no surprise that Instagram is expanding its post functionality.


National Geographic

This week, National Geographic became the first brand to top 100 million Instagram followers, an achievement that's largely thanks to the authentic content from its team of 130-plus photographers, who have complete control over the account.


Blog: 5 Ways to Make Social Media More Likeable

From the very beginning, Likeable’s mission has been to create a more likeable world. To further deliver on that mission, on February 26th we're launching #BeLikeableDay, a movement dedicated to making social media a more positive environment through random acts of kindness. Here's how you can get involved.

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