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When asked about the number of brands they consider while on their path to purchase, a whopping 72% of consumers say it comes down to 2-4. Just a scant 4% say they only have eyes for one brand, so brands should feel encouraged to meet the consumer at every touchpoint along their journey to get into the consideration set.


  • Facebook introduced impending updates to mobile News Feed creative. At their F8 conference, Facebook announced that, starting in August, all mobile posts will now have a maximum aspect ratio of 4:5, and only three lines of primary text before truncation.


  • Snap Inc. stock rose after beating Q2 expectations. Snapchat's parent company shocked analysts with Q2 revenue growth and an increase of 13 million daily active users. The company attributed the resurgence to its increased focus on the younger demographic with AR lenses.


  • Pinterest is rolling out features to help users when they're feeling anxious, sad, or stressed. The platform is introducing emotional wellness tips and activities for users searching related topics. The platform's strengths lie in aspirational discovery and planning, and with this update Pinterest is aiming to provide more practical, immediate support to users.

bud light alien

Bud Light

After a Facebook Event rallying people to "storm Area 51" went viral, Bud Light took to Twitter to announce it wouldn't be sponsoring the raid—but has since changed its tune. The brand is now offering "free beer to any alien that escapes the facility" and pledging to create a limited-edition beer label if more than 51,000 fans share its tweet.  


Blog: Micro vs. Macro Influencers

Influencers exist across a variety of platforms (think Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and the like), function across different verticals of business, and are classified into tiers predominantly based on follower numbers. For the purposes of this blog, we don’t get into the nuanced tiers of influencer marketing, but instead focus on the two largest and most well known categories: micro and macro influencers.

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