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$4.20/month. That's the highest amount users would be willing to pay to use their favorite social app. A recent survey asked users how much they value the apps they spent the most time on, and as far as social media goes, respondents ranked YouTube on top. Facebook and LinkedIn followed at $2.92 and $2.84 respectively. Bringing up the rear: Snapchat, at $1.89.


  • Pinterest reported 300 million monthly active users last quarter. This marks an increase of 9 million users through Q1, and a 30% increase YoY. Citing strong interest in advertising on the platform, revenue also beat analysts' expectations of $235.8 million, clocking in at $261.2 million.


  • Snapchat launched a new ad creation process. The 3-step process allows advertisers to build ads with the use of website images and Snapchat templates. This promises to be a boon for brands for whom creative costs or lack of resources placed Snap ads out of reach.


  • Facebook added Instagram scheduling capabilities to Creator Studio. Users with Instagram business profiles will soon be able to schedule multi-image posts on desktop using Facebook's Creator Studio. The scheduler also includes IGTV and insights on posted content. Previously, all of this content needed to be posted natively, and could not be scheduled in advance.

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Delta Air Lines

The airline is targeting New Yorkers with a social media docuseries called "Small Stories,” which features real people who live in tight or awkward spaces. Ending with the tagline "New York Isn't Always Comfortable. Flying Out of It Is.”, the series aims to highlight Delta's improved in-flight experience and service out of New York City.  


Blog: 3 Ways Brands Can Drive Sales on Instagram

With 80 percent of users following at least one business on Instagram, 60 percent of users using the platform to discover products, and 75 percent of users taking action (such as visiting a website) after looking at a brand’s post, it’s clear that Instagram is becoming the place to go on social if you want to drive product sales. But all of that begs the question: How exactly does a brand drive commerce on Instagram? Glad you asked—keep reading to learn about a few tactics that have proven successful for brands in the world’s “digital mall.”

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