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As millennials move further into adulthood, a new report from eMarketer examines their usage of digital technology. Of note, 65% of 18-to-34-year-olds with a mobile device say they “browse social media” in bed every night (with 41% watching mobile video), and 64.9% of millennials name Facebook as their most used social platform.


  • LinkedIn is finally launching live video. Currently in beta, LinkedIn Live aims to cover events such as conferences, product announcements, and Q&As.
  • Instagram is rolling out IGTV promotions in the main feed. This move will give additional exposure to IGTV content via the prime Instagram audience.
  • Facebook will soon let users know how their information is being used for ad targeting. The new Custom Audiences feature is part of Facebook's continued effort to provide greater transparency and win back users' trust.

Peanut 2


Mr. Peanut teamed up with relationship expert Dr. Ruth to answer fans' Valentine's Day-themed questions. With the humorous video and partnership, Planters has been able to both drum up a lot of social media attention and use the slightly edgier messaging to resonate with audiences like millennials.


Blog: How to Start Thinking Like Your Consumer

These days, no place is safe from ads. So how do you avoid joining the endless parade of marketing disruptions in the quest to find your consumers? Stop thinking like a marketer and start thinking like your consumer.

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Podcast: Unifying Around Common Challenges

On All the Social Ladies, Niharika Shah, Vice President, Head of Brand Marketing & Advertising at Prudential Financial, shares insights on leading a successful in-house brand agency and finding common ground.

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