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September 4, 2019

Carla Hassan, Global Chief Brand Officer of Citi


"I would love to unlink empathy and kindness," says Carla Hassan, Global Chief Brand Officer at Citi.

Oftentimes, women leaders face a "double bind" dilemma: If we lean into stereotypically "feminine" traits (like kindness), we're often perceived as weak or ineffective. On the other hand, if we take on more "masculine" traits, we come off as aggressive or unlikeable. In one of my recent pieces for Forbes, I talked with Carla about how she's managed to successfully navigate that dilemma by leading with empathy. It's not that you have to be unkind in order to be respected—it's that empathetic leadership allows for moments of tough love that earn respect.


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"If you do the work and you deliver results, people have to acknowledge that."



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