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"We've been removing harmful content since YouTube started, but our investment in this work has accelerated in recent years. Because of this ongoing work, over the last 18 months we’ve reduced views on videos that are later removed for violating our policies by 80%, and we’re continuously working to reduce this number further."

- YouTube blog post addressing ongoing brand safety concerns


  • Facebook is now considering removing the 'like' count on posts. After beginning to test this update on Instagram, Facebook is turning its sights inward. By removing likes, the platform hopes that people will focus less on comparing themselves to others in a destructive manner, and focus more on what they share.


  • LinkedIn added people, industry, and advertising insights to its Marketing Success Hub. These additions allow better analysis of your LinkedIn page's audience, and seem to be part of a larger effort by LinkedIn to improve its offering to marketers.


  • Instagram has published a guide for its Creator Studio. The guide covers all the basics of using the tool for this platform, including setup, managing and scheduling your content, and an overview of its analytics tools. 


Hurricane Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian approaches the southeastern U.S., nonprofits of all sizes are using social platforms like Twitter and Facebook Live to keep residents of affected areas updated in real time with things like weather alerts and hurricane tips as well as storm shelter and food bank locations.  


Blog: How to Master Real-Time Content

As news cycles become shorter and attention spans follow suit, it becomes increasingly difficult for brands to stay relevant. The instantaneous nature of communication in this lightning-fast, mobile-first world has largely desensitized the public to marketing messages—so when it comes to real-time content, brands are going to all kinds of lengths to grab their audiences’ attention as fast as they can.

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