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63%. This is the percentage of sales that were linked to Snap ads seen only by Gen Z users and not the primary purchaser. The study, commissioned by Snap, indicates that this generation has a strong purchase influence that translates to real sales.  


  • Reddit launched updates to its video ads. These include additional aspect ratios and optional referral URLs for CPV campaigns. There is also a new mobile landing page featuring more seamless viewing and additional branding and product information for the ads.


  • Instagram is beta testing product launch reminders. This feature allows users to sign up to be notified when a new product launches and purchase it, all without leaving the app. Brands will be able to tag their products in Stories posts as well as in-feed, allowing them to reach their customers wherever they are.


  • Facebook announced Stories ads that drive to Messenger conversations. Both Instagram and Facebook Stories will have the capability, and after swiping up, users will be driven directly to a conversation with that brand in the Messenger app. There is a lot of potential here, especially if your brand has a bot to promote, or is looking to drive deep audience engagement.


Honda's Instagram Comic Book

In a promotion aimed at Gen Z and millennial drivers, Honda created a comic book series that can only be found on social media. The campaign launched on National Comic Book Day, and consists of a Facebook Watch series and a dedicated Instagram account where fans can turn their smartphones and swipe as if they are flipping through a comic book.  


Blog: Talking Mental Health on Social?

Companies like Dove, Aerie, ASOS, and Glossier are at the forefront of the body positivity movement, featuring all different kinds of real, non-photoshopped women with bodies of all sizes in their traditional advertising campaigns. And brands are also getting increasingly real and unfiltered on social media—but not quite as much when it comes to mental health. So, we looked at a few recent campaigns that tackled the issue.

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