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March 6, 2019

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"We as a society have come a long way in talking about health and wellness," says Niharika Shah, Vice President, Head of Brand Marketing & Advertising at Prudential Financial. "We talk about social wellness, we talk about mental wellness, sexual wellness. But financial wellness still seems to be on the other side of the taboo line."

In my latest piece for Forbes, I explore Prudential Financial's recent "State of US" campaign, which reveals the country's broken relationship with money. It's not only a timely reminder of the importance of opening up about financial wellness, but also the power of listening to one another and the potential to find common ground.

And on this week's episode of All the Social Ladies, I chatted with Kathryn Rose, founder of wiseHer, a tech platform providing on-demand advice for women, about using social media for word of mouth marketing and mastering the art of resilience. Take a listen.


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Quote of the Week   

"In every place that you find yourself, continue to act like you're brand new so that you're constantly learning." - Telisa Yancy


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