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Instagram isn't just for following influencers or connecting with friends—increasingly, it's how young people find out what's going on in the world. In a new Business Insider study, 65% of respondents said they use Instagram daily, with 59% listing social media as their top news source, placing ahead of TV (50%) and online news (31%).


  • Facebook is adopting some new monetization tactics in its effort to attract video creators. The platform is rolling out an updated tipping system called Stars and a new subscription program that lets viewers pay creators for exclusive content and other rewards—all seemingly in service of getting popular YouTube creators to consider Facebook as a home for their video content.
  • Meanwhile, Pinterest is adding features to make it easier for brands and creators to leverage video content. After noticing a 31% increase in searches for "inspirational videos," the visual search engine is introducing an improved video uploader, a video tab on business profiles, and a new analytics tool.
  • Acknowledging its cyberbullying problem, Instagram is testing a new Restrict feature to help protect users from unwanted interactions. Once you've "Restricted" a user, comments on your posts from that user will only be visible to them and they'll no longer know when you're active on the app.



To bring attention to the growing problem of plastic waste, water filter maker Brita launched a #NoFilterNoFuture Instagram campaign with 21 influencers, each posting pictures that have been edited to show beautiful, natural settings impacted by pollution.


Blog: How Often Should You Be Refreshing Your Social Ads?

Conventional wisdom has it that the shelf life of social advertising is quite short—that's actually wrong most of the time. You can run a social ad for as long as it is effective, and a good piece of creative (especially video) can run for weeks or months without seeing any downturn in results. On the other hand, there's also a real opportunity cost for not refreshing creative frequently. Ultimately, how frequently you should swap out your ads depends on what you're trying to achieve with your campaign.

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