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December 5, 2018

Stephanie Kramer


“It’s not this finite thing that’s such a big deal, it’s actually a really important, normal part of the working world.”

On the latest episode of "Work It," Stephanie Kramer, VP of Global Marketing at Kiehl's, gets real about pregnancy in the workplace and shares her best pieces of advice for managing expectations with your team and returning from maternity leave.


Reading List

Look back at your accomplishments from a new perspective.

How to be creative when you're feeling stressed.

3 things you need to do to be taken seriously at work.

It's almost impossible to be a mom in television news.

Michelle Obama doesn't think "lean in" works for women.


Quote of the Week       

"I'm here to tell you to be aggressive about your ambition. Do not allow setbacks to set you back." - Stacey Abrams


Some words of wisdom from TedWomen 2018.


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