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"[The top 10% of the most popular YouTube channels] alone posted nearly a quarter-million videos in the first seven days of 2019, totaling 48,486 hours of content. To put this figure in context, a single person watching videos for eight hours a day (with no breaks or days off) would need more than 16 years to watch all the content posted by just the most popular channels on the platform during a single week."

- Pew Research study


  • Facebook is testing search ad products within the main search bar and Marketplace. Brands likely won't be shifting ad dollars away from these platforms just yet, but it may make Facebook ad costs cheaper as more inventory becomes available on the platform.


  • A new bill that takes aim at the 'endless scroll' is working its way through Congress. The Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology (SMART) Act is targeting deceptive design by tech companies. The bill would ban features that work to keep users on platforms longer and incentivize continued use, such as Snapstreaks, YouTube autoplay, and endless scrolling.


  • Following the success of shoppable Pins, Pinterest is introducing browseable catalogs. These catalogs will show users products that are similar to the products they've seen in shoppable Pins, and begin to focus more on personalized products for people's feeds. 



Infiniti US used quiz stickers in Instagram Stories to take users on a virtual test drive of the Q60 coupe on a professional racetrack. Users have to make quick decisions in this choose-your-adventure style experience, which can now be found in a highlight on their Instagram profile.  


Blog: 3 Video Techniques Your Brand Should Try

Video is the number one preferred content type of the average consumer, it accounts for more than half of total media consumption, and 54 percent of consumers want to see more video content from brands and businesses they support. However, even in 2019, most companies and brands have yet to take full advantage of all that video marketing has to offer. Check out these three techniques that will bring your videos to the next level!

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