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30% of Instagram users say they have made a purchase directly from an Instagram ad. There are slight variations across demographic lines, of course, with Gen Zers showing the highest propensity toward this behavior, and women aged 35-45 the lowest.


  • Facebook added video polls to Newsfeed ad options. Following the addition of polls in Instagram Stories ads earlier in the year, Facebook is rolling out this similarly interactive ad product to Newsfeed. Facebook is already touting increases in brand awareness over traditional video ads.


  • Pinterest is introducing collection ads. Advertisers will soon be able to tag up to 25 items in these new units. The update will come to "Shop the Look" ads, which originally allowed tappable shopping tags. U.S. marketers can expect the update to be live in the next few months.


  • Google is opening up the Masthead and Home feed on YouTube for TrueView placements. Advertisers will also be able to rely on Google's machine learning to serve a combination of assets across these placements, rather than having to pick and choose themselves.


Chipotle's Alien AR Filter

Even though the raid on Area 51 was called off, Chipotle still made good on its promise to deliver there—well, virtually. On Snapchat, the brand created an augmented reality filter showing a dancing extraterrestrial creature slinging burritos.  


Blog: Why We Still Love Twitter

There's no denying that Twitter has been put on the back burner for some marketers. But this post isn’t about dwelling on already well-documented areas for improvement—areas which, if we’re honest, tend to exist across platforms. Instead, let’s spend this time together talking about reasons to be excited about Twitter. There are some things that the platform does very well, and playing to its strengths will ensure your brand is not leaving a valuable awareness tool on the table.

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