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June 5, 2019

Benish Shah


This is honestly one of my favorite "Work It" interviews to date. This week on the show, I'm joined by Benish Shah, Chief Growth Officer at Loop & Tie, to talk about the importance of letting women of color tell their own stories and why for some women, it's not a glass ceiling up thereā€”it's concrete. Watch now on Facebook Watch or IGTV.

And on All the Social Ladies, I had so much fun chatting with author and influencer Mindy McKnight about building a social media empire and raising children in an online world. As Mindy says, "If you have kids online, you need to be a parent online." Take a listen.


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The secrets to designing a curiosity-driven career.

How we can start to turn ageism on its head.

11 questions self-aware leaders should ask themselves daily.

How to get better at receiving feedback.


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